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Sourcing Agent

At The Sourcing Link we have over 17 years of extensive experience working with global high street retailers, brands, loyalty and promotional companies and hospitality buyers, and understand the professionalism, service and products required to cater for your business.

We have our own teams based in Indonesia and China who oversee the sourcing, product development, order management, quality control and shipment of each order. With a network of manufacturers that spans the Far East & South East Asia we are able to provide the expertise and service required to deliver your products on time, to the agreed quality standard and within budget.

We operate a low cost infrastructure and strive to provide our clients with a comprehensive and professional sourcing solution, from concept development, overseeing production, ensuring quality meets the agreed standards through to delivery to your door.

 We specialise in, but are not limited to, the supply of high quality products to the homeware, giftware, plush, garment, fashion apparel and premium food packaging markets.

We are used to working on OEM projects and understand the confidentiality, work and attention to detail that is required to develop a new product.

 We have strong social and ethical views, so you can be assured we only source from highly reputable manufacturers, capable of passing internationally recognised audits.

We are a UK registered company and we invoice from this office, with satellite offices in Indonesia and China to handle the sourcing, order management, quality control and logistics on the ground. This gives our clients added security knowing that they are working with a company operating under UK legal jurisdiction.

Our Sources

Whilst we have a permanent presence in Indonesia and China, we also have significant experience and sourcing capabilities in Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Thailand. We are continually reviewing and extending our areas of expertise to ensure we know the best source with whom to develop your product and bring it to fruition.

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