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At The Sourcing Link we have over 15 years experience in Indonesia and China providing our comprehensive and professional sourcing solutions to our customers. Our mission is to become the leading Sourcing Company in Indonesia and China in our fields of expertise. We understand the attention to detail and professionalism required to oversee your product sourcing from concept and sample development to overseeing production and ensuring the quality meets the agreed standard, through to delivery to your warehouse.

As a sourcing company, we specialise in assisting buyers with the supply of high quality products for the Homeware, Giftware, Promotional, Garment, Fashion Apparel and Premium Food Packaging markets. We have extensive experience working with Global Brands, High Street Retailers and Wholesalers, and we understand the importance of quality control and delivering projects on schedule and so we work very closely with our customers and suppliers on a daily basis to ensure that they receive the service and products they require at the right price and on schedule.

Sourcing Company in Indonesia and China

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